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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

...........................................Berries and Stuff

Lilly Turf(Liriope Muscari)big blue


These dead nettle, flower from spring 'til December.
Great ground cover for shaded areas and they spread easily.

Not sure what I'm doing with this grape vine.
We have grape vines but no grapes for 6 years now because they're in shade.
For some reason I can't take them out. Maybe it's because the vines are tucked behind the shed and they can make for an interesting wreath.
Thinking about using this to start a wreath, but need more vines and something else, hum...


  1. Patsi -- Have you ever tried to make grapevine garden cloches (lots of light coming through) to put over plants in the garden? I saw some at Fearrington, they were globes. English cloches are rectangular to cover a row of plants and I see those in the UK garden mags. I have a rabbit problem right now and I want to (decoratively) keep the rabbits off the perennial geraniums.


  2. your grape vine looks interesting already with the leaves on , perhaps some more natural items to fill it out would make it spectacular on a door.

  3. Ok Cameron, you have me stumped.
    I had to google "garden cloches".
    What I saw were chicken wire covers(do that for direct sow seeds)and plastic covers for the greenhouse effect...most very decorative. Thanks for the idea.
    By the way "BBC Gardens Illustrated" is on my Christmas list.
    Your right about natural items.
    I'll have to hunt around the yard to see what I can use.:)

  4. Patsi, I loved the photo of the yew; we can't grow that here. The red berries are so pretty. I have started pulling off the berries on the lirope because it has started taking over. I hate to do that because they are such a pretty, glossy black.

    Always Growing

  5. I love yew! Well, I do now, I don't know that I've ever seen it before now but it's lovely! It looks so wintry!

    You just reminded me that I need to go collect a bunch of the Coralvine now that so much of the foliage has died off of it. Like grapevine, it makes a decent wreath.

  6. Patsi -- the round grapevine globes that I saw at Fearrington were built over chicken wire...but I don't think that would be necessary for rectangular cloches. I'll look for a link to an English one.


  7. I love the berry photos! I'm a fan of lamium too. It's so tough and even in my cold climate, it wants to be evergreen.

  8. Nice photos from your garden. Here in Germany in November, there are no flowers, only fog and rain. The gardentime is over.........

    Greetings from Charlotte.

  9. This must be the nicest photo I've ever seen of Yews! Gorgeous!

  10. Patsi, I have liriope and it does well! I have tried dead nettle three times, with absolutely no success. Any hints? Everyone that has it tells me how easy it is to grow!!! ha.

  11. Jan,
    Never new about the yews in your neck of the woods.Only had the lirope for about 1 1/2 years and they're healthy but not spreading yet.
    Love to see your Coralvine Wreath.
    So lamium is tough where you live.
    Good to know.
    Sorry to hear you've been having dreary weather also.
    Thanks, sometimes I luck out and get a better than average picture.
    My deadnettle likes loamy soil, if that helps. And of course compost like everything else.
    Can't wait to see what a grapevine garden cloches looks like.

  12. I love the berries on those yews, very festive for the upcoming holidays.


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