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Friday, November 21, 2008

Blooming Friday

Sharing Katarina's "Blooming Friday"
Please visit her at Roses and Stuff
for info and to see more blooms.

Dahlberg daisy/golden fleece is a full sun annual that I started from seed for the past two years. The plant has tiny upright yellow flowers that are about one inch wide. These plants were put in pots by themselves and some were added with other flowers. I understand they're great for rock gardens.
Love the feathery look of the leaves and the dainty bright yellow flowers.


  1. Pretty yellow, billowing blooms! I love the color.


  2. they look like small yellow cosmos :)... and i agree that they're lovely to look at, especially as they sway when a light breeze pass by making them look like little beams of sunshine :)

  3. Your yellow daisy is very cheerful and I agree with you about the foliage. Very nice.
    Thanks for joining Blooming Friday and I hope you'll have a lovley weekend.

  4. Those are gorgeous. I love the feathery foliage and the sunny color.

  5. Lovely pictures and a very nice blog. I´ve entered Blooming friday to.

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Lovely photographs....what a pretty daisy....and like you I love the feathery leaf......

  7. Yellow flowers always brighten my day:)
    Thank you sharing your pictures.
    - Cheers.

  8. Such pretty photos! I always admire someone who grows their plants from seed. I have tried it a few times, and have no luck. These are a very charming flower.

  9. I haven't tried Dahlberg daisy/golden fleece before, but will now. They are lovely.

  10. Beautiful yellow daisies! I could use some of them right now. Not too much blooming here.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Thanks for the invitation Katarina.
    Nothing is blooming now since I don't have a greenhouse or house plants but I think some favorites from the past season are ok to post.
    Thanks everyone.

  12. I LOVE dainty Dahlberg daisies, delightful companion plants for my herb garden. Great photos of this cutie!

  13. lovely flowers, so nice to see how they brighten the day.

  14. Schön Deine Blumen und Blüten zu sehen, während bei uns schon Schnee gefallen ist.

    LG Charlotte.

  15. Nicht gegenwärtige blooms Charlotte. Der Temperaturen Tageszeit hier sind 4-5 Celsius.
    Not current blooms here Charlotte. Temperatures here daytime are 4-5 Celsius.

  16. I think those dahlberg daisies are very bright and cheerful. Just the thing to cheer everyone up this time of year.

  17. Love Dahlberg Daisies... they're one of my favorites! I rarely hear mention of them on other garden blogs, so glad you gave them the spotlight here.
    Though I'm fond of the flowers and foliage, the thing I enjoy most about them is their delightful scent! Mine come back in their pots every year from dropped seed.


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