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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday Whimsy

Since I have interest other than gardening...
Wednesday Whimsy is more of a suitable title for this day of the week.

.......................................Shades of Gray


  1. I see a second figure in the drawing of mother and child. The silhouette of her back forms a face, neck, arm, and chest. It's a misshapen face, neck, arm, and chest, but I see it all the same.

  2. Genie,
    Yes, you are seeing the human form on the back of the mother. But I didn't want it too defined.
    This was originally a photograph of mother and child I saw someplace which I changed into a drawing using a technique called stippling. A self taught technique of all dots done with a pencil.

    The cat was my first true love. The picture I took and developed myself.
    Both pictures have sentimental meaning.

  3. How beautiful......I love them both but the second one for me is very powerful......

  4. Patsi -- I love the cat and the drawing. Do you also work in pastels? I picked up some a few months ago to try to get back into art. It's probably been almost 30 years, so I've got a lot to remember and improve upon! Stippling is something that I want to do with the pastels for an Impressionist look for a field of flowers.

  5. Both very nice. I love the cat, looks a little like my tabby Toby;)

  6. Stunning photography on your blog! Love to meet bloggers with a passion for gardening and photography of flowers...and kitty cats!
    Love the first image on this post!

  7. Thank you, Patsi, for sharing both medium with us. Many years ago, as a young college student, I had a roommate who developed her own photographs (and let me participate a little). It was fun!

  8. Thanks all.
    I never could get the hang of pastels. Go for it Cameron !
    I should take a class.

    Working in the darkroom was fun.
    Just one of many things I've never mastered.

  9. Hi Patsi....the image of mother and child is simply beautiful! I'm curious as to the amount of hours that you have invested in that piece of art?

    The cat is precious...I have a special love for them.


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