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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two Thoughts

I think we all get a million seed catalogs through the mail. Here's one of them, as well as Garden Gate magazine, which has terrific ideas...wish I could show you some photos from the inside but that may be illegal.

Also I'd like to introduce two fun young bloggers Chad and Brandy at
My Backyard Life.They are certified as NWF BackYard Habitat.

Yes, I said "young"...not that any of us aren't young. :)


  1. Oh, that IS a nice blog! Great photos!

    So, anyway, show us some of those pix, we won't tell.

  2. I saw those red rudbeckia seeds, too!

    Thre's an Amazon store ad on my site that has those new Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia from Thompson & Morgan Seeds. Then, I saw a thread on the Perennials forum about those, too.

    Rainy here today so I've been reading the BBC Gardens Illustrated Mag with Piet Oudolf gardens, French potagers and Irish gardens...all to die for, of course! Sigh. Dang deer keep me from growing so many plants!

  3. I love browsing through the catalogs...they get you all fired up when you recieve them in January! I used to subscribe to Garden Gate...they do have great photos and ideas. I'm going to check out the new bloggers! Have a good day, Patsi!

  4. Genie,
    No ! My luck I'll get arrested.
    Now I want to get the BBC Gardens Illustrated Magazine.
    I"ve heard about it but never seen it.
    Hope your links are working.
    Will be by in a minute.

  5. I get Garden Gate too, and love it. Yesterday it poured rain here, so I imagine you got it too. It was a good day for reading Garden Gate and catching up on a few blogs :)

  6. Garden Gate is my absolute favorite magazine!! I've been getting it for several years. I'm happy to loan my magazines, but my friends have to give me their car keys first! ha!

    I visited the link you provided. Very cute blog. I've put it on my bookmark toolbar.


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