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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

More 2007 flowers from seed.

Blackberry lily/Leopard lily (seeds from trade)
I love the one that's getting ready to open.
I'm not sure what you call it but it's like a fern unfurling.

Same going to seed

Spiderflower-Cleome (seeds from trade)
Had fun with these flowers because you can prune them one week
and then the next week you have flowers again.

Zinnia Profusion Apricot Hybred
Hardy plant that flowered late into October. Needed weekly pruning.

Harlequin Sunflower
American Goldfinch loved these and so did the gray squirrels.

Nicotiana sylvestris (Tobacco plant)
Interesting plant. I've seen these in a mass planting on one of HGTV's
Great American Gardens program. I'm not sure if it's right for my size garden.

Dahlberg Yellow Daisy
Pretty little flowers.
Look best if pruned once in awhile but it's a little time consuming.

Dwarf Queeny Mix Hollyhocks (seeds from trade)
Three feet tall and didn't need staking!

Moulin Rough Sunflower
Of course the birds and the squirrels liked these also.
A nice change of color.


  1. hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I have spiderflowers as well and love them. They selfseed in my garden. I tried white one this year without any luck though. Beautiful garden and thanks for stopping by. Andrea

  2. Beautiful photos! I'm not familiar with that yellow daisy. It's really lovely.

    I have seeds of nicotiana for next spring and cleome is on my must have list to fill in some spots...both should be deer proof. Glad to hear the cleome height can be managed.


  3. Ah, now I understand why that beautiful Lily is called Blackberry-Lily! For a moment I thought the second shot was..blackberries!

  4. love the picture of the blackberry lily and the holly hock will be looking for them next spring.

  5. Patsi, Your Blackberry Lily is Very Healthy looking! Mine does alright, but it's in a pretty shady spot. I plan to plant some seeds in a sunnier spot out front this coming summer. Don't you like the way the spent blossoms curl up? ;-) Your flower photos are all great... you have enjoyed some beautiful plants!

  6. You have some real beauties, Patsi.
    The blackberry lilies are lovely at all stages. Those little corkscrews are fascinating and I love the seeds!
    Two flowers I want to grow and haven't yet...Cleome and Zinnia Profusion. They're both beautiful. Maybe next year.

  7. Wow, flowerpalooza! That Harlequin Sunflower is stunning, I've never seen one. Amazing!

  8. Thanks everyone for you kind comments.
    The spider plants produce hundreds of seeds. And seem to like being pruned.
    Yes Kerri,it's like a cork screw.
    Good description.
    The nicotiana I grew got to be over 7 feet tall by July 17th with 6 hours of mid day sun. If that helps deciding where to plant them,also the plant had numerous leaves that were 6 inces wide by about 12 inches long. Very wide plant from dust like seeds.
    My blackberry lilies needed 2 to 4 hours mid day sun. If that's any help. Yes,love the way they look curled up.
    You'll enjoy hollyhocks, lots of big flowers for months. If you get rust on them,they have to be treated right away.
    You might find it hard finding dwarf ones. I know I did.

  9. Stunning photos and riotious color, Patsi! Love your litte Dahlberg Daisies. I often use them as a border for my herb garden.

  10. Patsi, you still have lots of stuff blooming. I want to try the dark sunflowers next season. They would be a pretty contrast to the yellow ones. Love the color of those zinnias. I really enjoy the cleome too. No fuss, constant bloom.

  11. Lovely blooms. I really like the blackberry lily and the seeds really live up to the name.
    Thanks for guessing on the Monday Mystery.

    Linda, aka Crafty Gardener

  12. Beautiful flowers! All of them!

  13. Those blackberry lillies are awesome! I hope I can grow them next year but thus far they have eluded me. I also really like your stand of nicotiana. It looks really great massed.


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