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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

More 2007 plants for GTS.
Starting Canna plants from seeds is easy and a fun way to try out different kinds without the cost of buying bulbs. The bulbs from these cannas weren't saved because I didn't want to repeat them this year. I have more than enough seeds saved to try again in the future.


Pixie (same seed pack as above)Think maybe they got mixed up?
Much shorter and very prolific.




  1. That glauca is beautiful! I've not seen one in that soft yellow. I've never tried cannas from seed. I have only one color and it is the short Tropical Rose. It's a bit too salmon for my garden, so I leave it in the ground over the winter but it comes back! Cameron

  2. Beautiful cannas. I love growing them too, but only tried from seeds once. the roots multiply so quickly I just use those each year.

  3. Gosh they are absolutely stunning......

  4. Oh, beautiful! I had never had Cannas, but I like it. You can sow them? Great!
    Have a nice week.

  5. Your cannas are lovely. The first is my favorite. Looks like peach sherbet. I have to remember the name.

  6. Patsi .. they are such pretty plants but I never seem to have any space where the sun stays long enough for them. I just didn't think of them as in the "seed" .. I always thought bulb .. so yes, that method must be alot more cost efficient for you.
    These are very nice : )
    I think I kept trying "Red King Humbert" ? bronze foliage with deep red flower ? never got to the flower stage .. darn !

  7. I cannot believe how beautiful those cannas are!! And you grew them from Seed?? Wouldn't it take more than one growing season to have seeds turn into rhizomes large enough for plants to bloom? You can tell I've not much experience with these plants. In fact, last year I grew a beautiful (short) canna with striped leaves and yellow blossoms. I tried bringing them indoors and they all died. Hmmm.

  8. Thanks everyone.

    I only get 6 hours full for the cannas or anything else in the back yard. I looked at my records and it wasn't till the last week in July before they started to bloom. They like the's around 80 degrees or 26.67 Celsius that time of year.
    I purchased them at if your interested.

    Ja Angelika, die Sie unter Lichtern zuhause säen können. Holen Sie dann Außenseite nach sechs Wochen. Es dauerte drei Monate zur Blüte.

  9. Beautiful Cannas , never thought about growing from seed but will now.

  10. You have some stunning cannas! Enjoyed my visit. Love that you live in Linwood, the name of the town in MI where I grew up :)

  11. Delightful photos, as usual. My Cannas never get that lovely. I have transplanted mine from the balcony to the south side of the garden, where all the sun-lovin' criminals grow so we'll see if the scarce pots, soil and neglectful caretaker were to blame ;-) Btw, congrats on the lovely award.


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