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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Day in October

With warmer than normal temperatures this time of year,rarely dropping below 68 degrees during the day since spring, it's no surprise to see happy impatiens and my Camellia Japonica budding.

I can see autumn toeing it's way in with the fading of some flowers,tree leaves starting to turn yellow, and our Douglas Fir producing hundreds of cones.

Funny,one reason I enjoy this time of year is because it's time for change, a rest from the heat and most of the chores of the growing season.
It's not hard to love gardening with all the rewards that it brings,but there is more than one season for most of us.
This coming season is one to relax,reflect and of course make plans for the new year.

Finally I'll be moving some plants,trying to get it right for next year and pulling out those annuals.
Time to mix things up just a little then give it a rest.

This is my one and only Hydrangea flower.

Impatiens that will be biting the dust. I have some all over the place.

A gazillion cones on the Douglas Fir.

I believe this is golden sage. I won't mention something I pulled out by mistake.

My favorite zinnia so far it's called "swizzle".

I yanked these out also.

Camellia Japonica may be in too much sun. I'll give it one more year.

The bees were upset when I pulled up these cosmos.

Dixieland maiden grass is now in a pot. Just don't know where to put it.

Persicaria microcephala(red dragon) got moved to the front.

Hydrangea blue wave lace cap found a new home.
Wouldn't bloom for 2 years where it was.

What starts out like this...

Winds up like this.This is one year of debris.
Not really what you would call a compost bin.

Last thing to do is plant a few mums. 4 for $10. sold !

Found a home for my Montauk daisies.

Finally a pleasant surprise.


  1. Patsi .. you have been one busy gardener girl !
    Yes .. Autumn is usually the time I have to sort a few things out and make loads of notes on what I want to do next year .. we need that break or we wouldn't appreciate our gardens so much ?
    You have some very nice plants here : )

  2. I didn't plant a lot of annuals this year so I don't have as much cleanup. One huge morning glory. some cleome and of course the tomato vines--hate to see them go. The hydrangea photo is beautiful. It looks unusual--what kind is it?

  3. I think change is usually a good thing for gardeners. Most of my annuals are under labels 2008 Annuals from seed/garden mart.
    I believe it's Mophead.

  4. You have been very busy! I hope your camellia will bloom for you. I don't have those here (deer again). Cameron

  5. Yes, even though I dread the thought of winter we do need a time to rest and reflect on next year's garden.
    Your hydrangea is gorgeous. I hope your blue lacecap blooms in its new location. My 2 Oak Hill hydrangeas hardly bloomed this summer. Wish I knew the secret to getting good blooms!
    I've had terrible luck with impatiens for the past 3 years, which is disappointing, because I love them for shade.
    There are so many lovely sage plants. I want to try more of them. Those silvery leaves are so pretty.
    Your fresh veggies will taste good!
    Great buy on the mums. I've missed out on buying some so far this fall, but there's still time to enjoy them inside.

  6. If I ever have a big garden and tons of flowers and nice landscaping--it will be because I hired a gardener. I am honestly so overwhelmed by the amount of information a gardener has to know in order to have such a gorgeous garden. I have no idea how you green thumbs do it.

    The daisies look awesome, by the way. Of course, being the garden dummy that I am, that's about all I can truly appreciate!

    I think I'd be in grieving for every plant I had to tear out even if I knew it was going to bite it anyway! I don't think I could do it! Yup, I'd have to hire someone to do it for me.

  7. All in One Day? Whew! I know it's actually something that needs to be done... but tomorrow I MUST plant bulbs!! Sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy a nice cup of tea, chai, coffee, etc.! :-)

  8. That's a real autumn post - but the temperatures make it sound like summer still.


  9. Wow...what a colorful garden. That zinnia is so vibrant!


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