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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Angels Dance

Most of my trees are there's not much color going on in the yard.
But this...

And this...

Can you imagine angels
dancing in the garden?

All are welcome to take this gift or give it away.
This is a "thank you" for just being there.
I hope the words bring happiness to your heart.

(Please no credit to me. No strings attached)
This will be on be side bar to take whenever you like.


  1. RED! Fabulous! I hope the color in your yard, tiny splashes that it may be, lasts just a little while longer!

  2. Lovely red hibiscus. Mine are still blooming and that helps now that most other plants have stopped.

    Always Growing

  3. Beautiful flower. We had to put our hibiscus in the storage shed for the winter. We have had a few frosts over the last week, so we don't have allot of color left in the yard.

  4. The red hibiscus is stunning. What a stand out!

  5. Gorgeous red! The bloom certainly brings color to your garden.

    The Angels are so sweet. I'll see if I can pull the image to post.


    P.S. Come over to my blog and tell us how YOU overwinter!

  6. To have this beautiful flower blooming at this time of year is a gift!
    I love the "Angels Dance" logo; I will borrow one, if you don't mind.

    Thank you so much for showing the blackberry lily! Several weeks ago a friend and I were visiting a public garden that had several. I had never seen this plant before, so I included it in a post. Now a blogging friend has sent me seed! But I didn't know what it would look like in bloom--thanks for your perfect timing!

  7. The hibiscus is beautiful, such colour......
    I can imagine angels dancing where flowers beautiful, tku Patsi......

  8. I have a red hibiscus that I've brought indoors, too. Yours is blooming though. Mine has quit. Don't you love the blossoms throughout the winter?

    I will borrow that little image. Thank you. :-)

    I'd be glad to share my recipe for applesauce... it's very easy!

  9. Shame I have no place to overwinter
    anything. So I buy new every year.
    I guess it will die after our first frost.
    Someday I'll make a sign for the garden that says...

    Angels Dance where Flowers Bloom

    When delivering thoughts or commenting on blogs the "simple" common words suit me best.

    Thanks for being there !

  10. Hibiscus is one of my favourites - as a potted plant, that is. Our climate makes it impossible to grow hibiscus as a garden shrub. Unfortunately.

    I just love the Angel picture! Thank expresses my view on flowers and gardening so well, I will put it in my sidebar. Thank you and have a great weekend!

  11. This is a beautiful hibiscus. What a red!
    I love your "Angels Dance" image. I will borrow one. Thank you so much. :-)


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