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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Your Zone

Please tell me your zone.

This link should help.
Plant Hardiness Zone Map



  1. Hi Patsi .. I'm in zone 5b .. Kingston Ontario .. on the edge of Lake Ontario .. we have some wicked winters and weird weather with the so called "Lake Affect"
    I love pineapple sage ! .. I didn't get on for the deck pot this year and I really miss it ..and my Cosmos didn't sprout for some reason .. I'll be at it again next Spring though !

  2. Hi Patsi, yes I have been quiet lately, just working.
    We're in zone 5 or 6, depends who you talk to. :-)

  3. We are in zone 7b or 8, depending on which map you look at.

  4. We're in zone 5. That's a neat site. Thanks for sharing it! Your photos are lovely. Nice to still have a bit of color hanging on, isn't it?

  5. Hi Patsi, I'm Canadian zone 5b on the north shores of Lake Ontario on the Bay of Quinte. If you were to translate that to the USDA zones, it would be 4b.
    I have added your blog as link on my side bar so that I can stop by often.
    I've really enjoyed your photographs of birds.


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