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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trip to the Garden Mart

Can you believe I didn't buy a thing ?
Most of the sale items are annuals in this area 7a.
Didn't see any good buys today. I took pictures of the planters for ideas...
you can always use ideas. Will get some flowers to add a little color
to the front of the house even though my summer annuals haven't died yet.
Hum, what will I get?

Need a detour from gardening? Visit Kim and Victoria.

Click on picture for slide show


  1. What is it about a BUNCH of mums that we LOVE ? LOL
    All those amazing colours .. I bought a Bill looking for that deep burgundy wine colour which is great against the gray brick of the house and step .. guess I'm still looking ... for pumpkins now too !

  2. You didn't BUY anything? Geez, I guess we're not doing our part as enablers! LOL

  3. I enjoyed your slideshow and got some ideas myself. Great cat picture--what's the name? and I also liked the oak leaf hydrangea, didn't know such an animal existed.

  4. No, I didn't buy a thing but my husband got me 3 Montauk dasies.

    The cat is a resident of the garden center and kept me company while I was walking around the place. He didn't tell me his name.

    Very funny about "enablers".

  5. Patsi, on my blog you asked about the temps. It was a wonderful 58 this morning and mid-70s this afternoon. A couple of the cottage gardening gals just left. Vikki came down from Virginia and brought a friend. Kaaren from NC came and also brought a friend. We had a wonderful lunch, then everyone came to my house for a few hours.

  6. Hi Patsi,
    This is a fantastic slide-show. The decorations are very nice and I got some ideas... ;-)


  7. Beautiful photos!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful scenes and colors of that wonderful garden market. I feel like I've just had a wander through. Gorgeous! How could you not buy anything???
    Cameron is right...we're obviously not doing our part as enablers :)


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