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Monday, September 22, 2008

Lady Agnes

I said I would post a picture of a resident hummer who stayed when it got too cold.
But the picture comes with a story.

(This picture was taken Oct 10,2006.)

I believe this is the same female from the prior year.
Because when she arrived May 28,2006 her behaivor was the same. She went right to the perch I had made the year before also she would come by and visit at arms length and just look at me and my mom as we sat quietly on the swing together.
Silly me, I named the bird "Lady Agnes" after my mom whom unfortunately could only for brief moments enjoy watching the birds. She always loved feeding them for as long as I can remember (and I have pictures of that too) but that stopped when her Alzheimers became worse and her memories were vanishing from one minute to the next.
Anyway,October came and every morning and night for a week I would see her all puffed up like this, it was chilly with temps around 40 degrees. Even durning the day it was too cold for me to sit outside and I was worried and couldn't understand why she wouldn't leave.
But finally on the 11th she did.

Last year I waited for Lady Agnes to arrive so we could watch her visit all the flowers and sit on her perch to rest and keep guard of any intruders and maybe come real close and visit.
Sadly, my mother passed away the first day of June last year.
And our Lady Agnes never did return.
There are times that I feel that maybe Lady Agnes didn't want to leave that year because she knew she may never be able to return again.
I know there's no connection but this picture will always bring me memories of her.
I treasure all of time we had together on that swing in the garden.

Promise no more sad stuff.


  1. Oh gosh...pass the tissues, please. Sweet, sweet memories and a wonderful story. Hang on to it. Cameron

  2. For the last 9 years of my mothers life she lived with me and I watched the Alzheimers progress.
    I never had time to cry to grieve.
    Last night I went through a box of tissues trying to write this post.
    I guess that's a good thing.

    Promise, no more sad stuff.

  3. What a sad story, but the memory of your Mom will live on along with the beautiful story of the Hummingbird you named after her. Thanks for visiting my blog today and I will be back to visit you soon. Your blog is very nice.

  4. What a beautiful bittersweet story...That would be a perfect photo of Lady Agnes to enlarge and frame...sharing the same space as a photo of your mom. I managed a retirement community 10 years ago, and watched how many lives and memories Alzheimers'claimed. I'm not sure who it is tougher on, the person afflicted or the family of. On a happier not...great photo of Lady...I can never get a good shot of a hummer!

  5. Thanks so much PG and SD for your comments.
    I kept a journal for many years while caring for my Mom. Everything from managing her physical health and mental behaviour to the joyous times.
    It was suggested for many years to put her in a nursing home but I refused.

  6. Patsi, I have never walked the road you've walked with your mother. This little hummer is a wonderful connection to special moments with your mother. What wonderful memories. Life is not made of just the happy stuff. The sad stuff is also there, and sometimes the sad stuff gives us opportunity to reflect upon the happy stuff!

    Have a nice day. :-)

  7. I'm glad you shared this sweet story with us. Sounds like it was good for you to write it down. It's amazing how often these seeming coincidences happen. Hummers will always bring sweet memories of your mom, I'm sure.
    Your photo of little Lady Agnes is precious. I love the ones in the post below too.
    The hummers are such a joy to watch. We're always sad to see them go, and eagerly await their return in May. I haven't seen any at the feeder since last Monday.
    May seems a long way away!


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