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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Cardinal...

What is this bug?
I never seen anything like it before.

Thanks to Cameron at Defining your Home Garden for the ID.
I should have asked this butterfly guru first.


  1. It looks like it could be a Black Swallowtail (butterfly to be) caterpillar. If you come over to look at my recent Wildlife: The Good, Bad and the Ugly, you'll see a photo. A Monarch (butterfly) cat is also the same color, but has antenae. I "host" the butterflies in my garden (Monarch Waystation certified) Cameron

  2. Thanks Cameron,
    I thought I saw it on your blog but you didn't say what it was.
    Can you tell I know nothing about butterflies except that they're pretty.

  3. Exactly what I was going to say...a black swallowtail catapilla. Poor thing ending up a meal for the cardinal, but that's the way the food chain goes.
    I spotted one on our dill a couple of weeks ago (they eat parsely and fennel too), but I think it might've ended up a meal too because there's no cocoon.
    What a neat shot!
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello :)
    Yes, I usually do sleep well. It's very peaceful here.

  4. What a shot Patsi ! You had to have been FAST ! .. yes .. I had one of these lovlies on my parsley and called him Curly Joe (curly parsley) so it was just right ... but he left home and I was crushed .. I so wanted to see the whole cocoon thing and butterfly .. maybe next year >? I have loads of dill and fennel always in the garden : )

  5. What a great photo of the cardinal and the black swallowtail caterpillar.


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