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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Garden Accents

Had a fun day walking around Wild Garden Accents store.
Located in Seaville,New Jersey.
They do have a website but being there is an experience in itself.

You like different stuff ? This place is a keeper in that regard.
Most garden shops carry garden accents like cement benches
and bird houses and maybe a few other things.

This place is packed full of everything you could imagine in a garden dressing sense.

They feed the local birds so some are nesting in the million unique bird houses for sale outside.

And you have to look down when you're walking around inside the store
or you may step one of their resident wild chipmunks which they feed !

I love all the blue pots,urns,bird houses and sun gods.
Crafty people can get some great ideas here.

The Picture below is what I just bought.
Not sure where he belongs yet. Right now he's keeping guard on the house.


  1. Oh wow, what a store. I could wander around there for ages and ages. The little statue you bought is lovely and I'm sure you will find just the right place for him.
    Pretty soon I'll have to start taking in all my garden decorations for the winter.

  2. I love your little friend to keep you company in the garden! :-) That store is incredible! I think I would spend hours there and still have to go back to see what I missed. Cameron

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing so many photos. That store looks like it's dangerous - it would be impossible to go in and come out empty-handed.

  4. Gosh that is my idea of a garden centre.....I would never all I have to do is arrange a flight!!!!!

  5. Even if you wander around for an hour or'll still miss alot of stuff.

    You can't come out empty handed!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I want to visit that store! It looks incredible. Let's see, I'll take a new hummingbird feeder, one of those big blue pots, that colorful moon thing on the fence, a big copper sun, one of those big balls, etc! I am so jealous. LOL

  7. Precisely my cup of tea! Love the tour!

  8. What a Wonderful place to "visit!" ;-) Very inspiring and, I agree, it would be hard to leave empty-handed! You found the cutest sculpture ever. :-) Thanks for visiting me recently!

  9. What a fantastic place to wander in for a couple of hours, or more. I love nurseries and garden centres where you have to roam, clamber, inch, and climb over everything to see it - formal, straight lines really turn me off. This place really does look like a 'keeper'.

    Patsi - you asked me what zone we are in on a number of occasions - Sorry for being slow to respond. The truth is, I'm not sure.

    The book I have on my desk right now says it is Zone 8 - warm-temperate to sub-tropical. We are about 2000feet above sea level and 100 miles inland from the east coast. We have cold(ish) winters, with some frosts but snow is rare, and hot dry summers.

  10. Hello Patsi......

    I’m pleased you stopped by and thank you for your comment. What a skilful lady you are with the camera, you have great pictures.

    How I would love to visit Wild Garden Accents store..... I’ve had such an enjoyable time studying your pictures and looking at all the exquisite garden artefacts..... I called my husband John over to take a look too...... wonderful!!! wish we had something like that over here in Wales.

    I love the cobalt blue garden pots, such a variety of shaped.... I have a few that I grew my collection of agava in, the contrasting colour of plant and pot looks good. Marion

  11. Hi Patsi,
    Wow, this is a wonderful shop! A dream for every gardener. I love the new guard so much.


  12. Patsi .. I would love to spend a few days just at this shop .. it is probably for the best I'm not near anything store like THAT ! LOL
    I can dream though !

  13. Patsi-Thanks so much for stopping by my place and I am glad to find yours. What a fun store to visit! I could see where an afternoon could pass quickly perusing all of the offerings. It would be a great place for an afternoon tea.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  14. Wow! Ahh-mazin'! I'd have been there forever!

    I love it! Gotta go look up their website right now!

  15. Wow everything is great. I love your little man you bought that is really neat. I also love the globes. So many pretty colors!!!!


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