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Saturday, September 6, 2008

From Seed 2008 (Just for the Records)

Very small selection this year.
Summary and Journal Below

From Seed

dwarf ladybird scarlet cosmosxxxdwarf large yell zinniasxxxprofusion apricot hybred zinnas dwarf

dahlberg daisiesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhyacinth beanxxxxxxxxcardinal climbers

hollyhocks queeny dwarfxxxxxxxxxxxorange cosmo tall


hyacinth bean-keeper for hummers
cardinal climbers-keeper for hummers only not much to look at till aug
dwarf ladybird scarlet cosmos-keeper, prune to keep short
tall orange cosmos-(direct sow)july 14 are 3 feet tall showing some buds.aug 1- big and flowering but way to late in the season for me.
dwarf large yell zinnias-ok but not worth saving seeds
lupine-had to move july 14 where getting buried by other flowers
dahlberg yell daisies-not worth it unless added to a hanging pot
hollyhocks-tall red-july 14 no buds,aug 1st nada,not happening,too much rust
hollyhocks queeny mix dwarf yellow rust-july 14 no buds yet-flowered late july
profusion apricot hybred zinnas dwarf-must plant 10 in pot,looks good early july
spider-started too late(most died) but found millions self sown from last year(only plant in pots!!)
Their everywhere, same with old "touch me nots">

April 1 and 2nd
started seeds -smaller selection than last year-things change

below 2 days to germinate
hyacinth bean-april 15 too tall for under lights-going outside/april 28 plants survived.
cardinal climbers
dwarf ladybird scarlet cosmos
dwarf large yell zinnia
4 days
dahlberg yell daisies
hollyhocks queeny mix dwarf yellow
profusion apricot hybred zinnas dwarf-nice

April 17
used Neem Oil on most plants(bugs started eating hostas)

April 20
Will be gone for 1 week-plants have completely absorbed the water in tray and are sitting in 1/4 inch of water with a 1/2 inch reserve.Plants survived with no losses.
Planted gladiolis bulbs(50 from bargain store)

May 14
Used neem oil. Put plants outside to harden off.
started more seeds-
spider flower-2 weeks 1 germinated
tashkent marigold-info-2 weeks 1 germinated
hyacinth bean-2 days then in ground 2 weeks later
tall orange cosmo direct sow

May 21
planted my plants in ground and pots.
orange cosmo not up yet.

May 24
cosmo starting to come up outside
spider and marigold-nada

June 8
spider have germinated
marigold nada
cosmo direct sow-2 inches tall

July 7
Spider too small to flower
cosmo direct sow are 2 1/2 feet tall no flowers
hollyhocks not ready to flower
cardinal climbers starting to flower
hyacinth bean 4 feet tall not ready to flower
gladiolis not ready to flower

Aug 1
Too hot to work outside so everything is getting neglected.

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  1. Patsi
    Thank you for dropping by my blog with such nice comments too ! I love having more pictures than words .. more of a visual person/gardener ? LOL
    Your Cypress vine did much better than mine .. I miss my Cosmos this year (I have no idea what the heck happened to the seeds) .. and you have Jack frost too ! You have to be a very astute gardener indeed ! LOL
    Joy : )
    My blog is always in flux .. like me ! haha


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