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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Trumpet Vine Madam Galen-Campsis radicans/Campsis x tagliabuana
Alot of vine but very few flowers.
I cut them down every spring. This is it's 3rd year.
Must be doing something wrong. Still might tear them out.
Reminds me of when I got Chinese wisteria vines 6 years ago and dug them out one year later...
it still sends up shoots every year but its mixed in with sedum and lilies so I can't kill it.
I also have a Japanese honeysuckles which I can't get rid of that came with one of my waxed privets. Very pretty, but only if I had a couple of acres.
One day I may get rid of this trumpet vine. Or not.

The Flower

Hyacinth bean
Great for backyard privacy and hummers.
This trellis was created to block one neighbors window untill the privets get larger.. We have 4 neighboring houses that are blocked by trees/arborvitaes and a stockade fence but one house is too close to ours and a view of their window drove me crazy.
Now in the summer our backyard is totally private. Mornings with my coffee in hand sitting on the swing in our backyard just wearing my jammies watching the hummers and other natural visitors is a little bit of heaven.

The Flower

Cardinal climbers
An annual favorite for hummers.
Also tried it on the lamp post in front of house...not as nice there.

The Flower

Honeysuckle Vine-Lonicera sempervirens
Dying off in August.

The Flower


  1. I love summer vines also. I agree, great way to block neighbors views.

  2. Vines are wonderful for privacy and beauty, too! Love your photography and gardens...especially those hawk photos!!

    Thanks for visiting the Midnight Garden!

  3. Gorgeous vines and flowers!! I grow red tip photinias for "fence" privacy.....they are evergreens and very hardy and grow really tall too :)


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