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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Taking over our backyard

I said no more tomato pictures but my husband
grows more different kinds of tomatoes than I have flowers.
Not only are these tomatoes pretty but taste great!
He's got the full sun. I have mostly shade.
Would be nice if I could claim a few of his sunny beds for flowers. Humm...


  1. Well, it looks like he has great success with tomatoes and things in that full sun spot, but try the argument about bringing him more pollinators by planting some floral strips through his veggie patch!!

    Also, some vegetables actually do better when planted with some floral companions which create mutually beneficial relationships.

    You might find ways to claim a little of that full sun for yourself and your pretties again!

  2. Wow! What a nice selection of tomatoes!

    I have a small backyard and have to grow everyhting in flower pots and containers but I got a lot of tomatoes this summer too!

  3. fabulous!! aren't the heirlooms interesting, and as you say taste great!! I find they don't give as bi a crop but its more than made up for in the taste of them. and they seem easy enough to grow.
    this is where I get my seeds

  4. Ooooo very nice tomatoes! I tried to plant some years ago {I love tomatoes}.....with no I just buy them at the store :)


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