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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Veggie Beds

These tomato beds are all raised 8-10". Untreated wood, which after avg 4-5 years, are needing replacement due to partial rot and termite food ! First year use of plastic "red mulch"......goal to significantly reduce weeds.....and is working like a champ in that regard ! Also, may be increasing strength/production of plants due to red color fake out.....i.e., perhaps making plants think ahead of time that the red reflecion is ripening tomatoes. Have attempted interviewing plants to ask if in fact we have conned them with plastic.....but to date they have stayed quiet, refusing to answer. Average plant gets partial sun, i.e., 5-6 we're happy with WHATEVER production we get....cannot compare to other gardeners who get 10-12 hours.

June 30,2008 6pm

Aug 9,2008 7am


  1. Wow, how big is your vegetable garden?

  2. OMG, that is 20 times what I planted (2 in a SWC). You are going to have hundreds of pounds of tomatoes. Yum! I see some serious preserving in your future...

    Love the red mulch. I went white not knowing red was best I just knew black (garbage bags) was bad.

    Seeing your yard I would have never guessed you had that much growing space! Amazing!

  3. We have a average backyard. My husband claimed 1/3 of it for his vegetables. And yes I would love to have more room for my beds but I love him more than gardening.
    The front of our home is modestly landscaped...but the backyard is our fun place!


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